Dare Now for tomorrow.

2-3 July 24

Together we can do better.

Fueling future ideas.

At #neuland X ATEC, we empower and encourage students to embrace entrepreneurship as a promising career opportunity for their future. Our annual conference is a dynamic platform that fosters connections between regional start-ups, international companies, and investors. Our shared goal is to transform the ideas shaping our future into reality today. Dare now for tomorrow!

We believe that the pressing questions of our time demand ingenious minds who find the answers. Coupled with bold investors who share that belief, we strive to shape our society for future generations. We commit to supporting visionary students who dare to push the boundaries of possibility with their ideas. We have faith in these pioneers who delve into uncharted technological territories. We empower revolutionaries who challenge the status quo and develop sustainable technological solutions. We support the next generation of entrepreneurs with the courage to breathe life into their ideas, motivating them to shape tomorrow alongside us. The path to the future is a collective journey forged through shared knowledge and, most importantly, with YOU at #neuland x ATEC!

For over a decade, ATEC has been empowering entrepreneurial success stories. To reach the next level, we have teamed up with #neuland. ATEC is now part of a cooperative event, taking place on one day of the #neuland conference. As the largest incubator in the Aachen region, we are a crucial link between technical students and founders at RWTH Aachen University, and investors from Germany and Europe. ATEC aims to cultivate synergies that enhance Germany's allure as a global technology hub. Fueled by our commitment to innovation, we strive to address tomorrow's questions today. Our focus areas include sustainability, space exploration, artificial intelligence, the future of work, and mobility. Central to our conference is building up a vibrant community. We are dedicated to promoting social exchanges, dynamic discussions, and captivating insights.