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For over 10 years we are celebrating entrepreneurship and technology by bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators and decision makers from business, politics and academia.
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Past Editions

In more than a decade we hosted dozens of inspiring talks by fabulous speakers. See our most recent editions with the most outstanding speakers.

ATEC 2022

The twelfth edition of ATEC took place (live!) in Aachen on May 17th 2022 with over 1,100 on-site participants and other hundreds of tech and entrepreneurship enthusiasts joining online. A vibrant atmosphere, great energy and lots of fun with like-minded people willing to #DareTheImpossible!

  1. Ranga Yogeshwar

    Ranga Yogeshwar

    Science Journalist
  2. Nina Wöss

    Nina Wöss

    COO Female Founders
  3. Frank Thelen

    Frank Thelen

  4. Christian Kroll

    Christian Kroll

    Founder Ecosia
  5. Lara Obst

    Lara Obst

    Founder The Climate Choice
  6. Martin Schilling

    Martin Schilling

    MD Techstars Berlin Accelerator
  7. Ann-Kristin Mackensen

    Ann-Kristin Mackensen

  8. Michael Riegel

    Michael Riegel

    Founder Comtravo
  9. Katharina Riederer

    Katharina Riederer

    Founder eco.mio
  10. Julian Kögel

    Julian Kögel

    Founder Y GO
  11. Kirstin MacLeod

    Kirstin MacLeod

  12. Max Lemme

    Max Lemme

    Professor and CEO AMO
  13. Daniel Schall

    Daniel Schall

    Founder Black Semicon
  14. Melanie Raidl

    Melanie Raidl

  15. Patrick Tobler

    Patrick Tobler

    Founder NFT-MAKER
  16. Jan Ossenbrink

    Jan Ossenbrink

    Partner Global Founders Capital
  17. Vincent Gerretz

    Vincent Gerretz

    Founder gemineers
  18. Arne Peine

    Arne Peine

    Founder Clinomic
  19. Robert Brüll

    Robert Brüll

    Founder FibreCoat
  20. Georg Angenendt

    Georg Angenendt

    Founder ACCURE
  21. Katharina Kuechler

    Katharina Kuechler

  22. Oliver Grün

    Oliver Grün

    CEO GRÜN Software
  23. Marius Rosenberg

    Marius Rosenberg

    MD ESC RWTH Innovation
  24. Magdalena Gorecki

    Magdalena Gorecki

  25. Maximilian Konen

    Maximilian Konen

    Pitch Battle Jury
  26. Björn Lang

    Björn Lang

    Pitch Battle Jury
  27. Malte Brettel

    Malte Brettel

  28. Dan Ram

    Dan Ram

    Event MC

ATEC 2021

With 11th edition we introduced the theme »Dare the impossible«. Facing the ongoing pandemic, we held a hybrid conference with online and on-sight participants.

  1. Chris Barton

    Chris Barton

    Founder Shazam
  2. Zarah Bruhn

    Zarah Bruhn

    Founder socialbee
  3. Jeff Hoffman

    Jeff Hoffman

    Speaker & Entrepeneur
  4. Carolin Gabor

    Carolin Gabor

    CEO Movinx
  5. Andreas Pinkwart

    Andreas Pinkwart

  6. Aya Jaff

    Aya Jaff

    Founder & author
  7. Judith Dada

    Judith Dada

    General Partner at La Famiglia
  8. Rafael Laguna

    Rafael Laguna

    Founding Director of SPRIND


In 2020 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Due to Covid-19 this conference was held as a two day online live stream.

  1. Jan Frodeno

    Jan Frodeno

    Gold-medal triathlete
  2. Frank Thelen

    Frank Thelen

  3. Céline Flores Willers

    Céline Flores Willers

    People Branding Company
  4. Sven Schmidt

    Sven Schmidt

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