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For over 10 years we are celebrating entrepreneurship and technology by bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators and decision makers from business, politics and academia.
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  2. Highlight photo from previous ATEC event
  3. Highlight photo from previous ATEC event
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Highlight Speakers

ATEC has always featured outstanding speakers sharing brilliant ideas and interesting insights. Here are some of our highlights from the first ten years of ATEC.
  1. Jan Frodeno

    Jan Frodeno

    Gold-medal Triathlete
  2. Frank Thelen

    Frank Thelen

    Freigeist Capital
  3. Maximilian Tayenthal

    Maximilian Tayenthal

  4. Carolin Gabor

    Carolin Gabor

  5. Sven Schmidt

    Sven Schmidt
  6. Céline Flores Willers

    Céline Flores Willers

    The People Branding Company
  7. Florian Heinemann

    Florian Heinemann

    Project A Ventures
  8. Sebastian Pollok

    Sebastian Pollok

    Visionaries Club
  9. Laura Tönnies

    Laura Tönnies

  10. Andreas Pinkwart

    Andreas Pinkwart

    Ministerium für Wirtschaft NRW
  11. Wil van der Aalst

    Wil van der Aalst

    RWTH Aachen University
  12. Inga Noll

    Inga Noll

    Covestro Deutschland
  13. Fabian von Trotha

    Fabian von Trotha

    DvH Ventures
  14. Oliver Grün

    Oliver Grün

    digitalHUB Aachen e.V.
  15. Nicole Büttner

    Nicole Büttner

  16. Marco Vietor

    Marco Vietor

  17. Paolo Bavaj

    Paolo Bavaj

    Henkel Tech Ventures

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